Winter Camp – Education syllabus announced

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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”  Leo Tolstoy

Legion Martial Arts Club is a organisation committed to changing the world, beginning with ourselves. We strive to embody the promethean spirit that is the hallmark of our race. A Legionnaire takes control or his destiny, he never hides behind victimhood, he takes ownership of his failures and successes and measures himself highly not for lack of failing but for his ability to fail as many times as needed to win the final victory. A Legionnaire is a man of destiny whose path leads him inexorably to take on new challenges, scale new personal heights and become an avatar for our people in an age of decay.

Following on from our exciting fight syllabus I am pleased to announce that our education syllabus for Winter Camp will include presentations and workshops as below.

Still to come in the next few weeks – Hiking syllabus, kit lists and more…

Staunchly yours,
Matt Legion

Wintercamp Edu syl