Summer Camp Report

Posted By on Jul 6, 2015 | 1 comment

Last night dozens of White activists returned from our latest Legion Summer Camp, physically weary after all of the demanding physical activity, but spiritually recharged and ready to throw themselves with renewed vigour into the work of saving our people.

We had pitched our tents in a broad valley amidst the steep and imposing hills of Wales and our activists took part in a range of activities, which were marred only slightly due to the extreme changeability of the weather. The weather literally underwent severe changes virtually from hour to hour, with periods blazing sunshine with temperatures in the 30’s centigrade, to torrential rain with thunder and lightening arcing across the sky an hour or two later. Our Legionnaires however were undaunted and we managed to complete the bulk of our programme as planned.

Our thanks go out to our martial arts instructor and his team who took us through a series of self-defence routines designed to instill preparedness and confidence.

Other sessions included a talk on motivational speaking which inspired several members of our party to deliver poetry, speeches they had written themselves, and theatrical performances of speeches from Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’. Well done to all those who gave these performances especially a Dutch member who delivered several speeches in English with great elan and who won the heartfelt appreciation of the rest of our group.

The weekend included a session in which members were able to sample and familiarise themselves with the ancient and venerable art of archery and there were a selection of bows available ranging from traditional recurve bows to modern compound bows and crossbows, and there was much hiking covering both sides of the valley in which skill and confidence at traversing difficult terrain was gained, as well as the determination to keep going even when the going gets really tough.

A key element of the weekend however was the high-spirits and warm comradeship shared around roaring campfires as we cooked delicious food, drank ale and herbal schnapps, told jokes , made solemn vows as a ceremonial drinking horn was passed around, and in honour of our location and our Welsh brothers, gave a rousing rendition of ‘Men of Harlech’.