Legion Martial Arts Club is a private self-development community based in Great Britain but attracting attendees from around the world from as far as Scandinavia, North America, Russia and Brazil.

We bring people together for regular events which cover many things including personal development, self-discipline, defense and fighting techniques, fitness and strength training, confidence building, outdoor survival skills, hiking and exploring, career and business excellence and much more.

You can apply to join Legion by emailing us as below.

We promote national improvement through self improvement. We strive to embody the Promethean spirit which is the hallmark of our people. A Legionnaire takes control or his destiny, he never hides behind victimhood, he takes ownership of his failures and successes and measures himself in relation to his ability to fail however many times is necessary in order to achieve the final victory.

A Legionnaire is a man of destiny whose path leads him inexorably to take on new challenges, scale new personal heights and become an avatar for our people in an age of decay.

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