Legion Winter Camp Report

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Legion Winter Camp was a huge success and attendees are demanding tickets for the next Legion event already. Due to such demand we are considering making the Legion events quarterly meaning our next event is likely to occur in May – watch this space!

Attendees were treated to a packed programme of varied activities. They began with a talk on the topic of The Aryan Mind-set where our speaker told us of the ancient Sanskrit term ‘Aryan’ meaning noble and that the seed of this Aryan nobility lay as a mere potential in our blood waiting to be nurtured and made corporeal in our lives through our own struggle and discipline.

“Know thyself” is an inscription at the most sacred place of the ancient Greeks, Delphi. We must all learn to know our own strengths and weaknesses as well as what inspires and uplifts us. In knowing our strengths we learn how best to handle tough situations and how we might excel as members of our community to be of the greatest value.

There is no better way to find strengths and weaknesses than by testing yourself and putting yourself outside your comfort zone – Legion will help you with that!

Our second talk overturned the confusing mixed messages about muscular development fed to us by marketing companies and magazines. Scientifically proven methods exist that are deceptively simple and effective – these not only work but allow you to make solid progress without exhausting yourself or allowing your training to detract from other essential aspects of your life.

Fight shot 1Our third talk discussed how modern foods are created in laboratories to have the most scientifically satisfying crunch, texture, saltiness and sweetness – designed to make you crave more and eat more.

We learned some innovative techniques to help overcome cravings for bad foods be they salty snacks, sugary treats or starchy carbohydrates.

Our professional martial arts instructors gave us 4 hours of first class coaching covering both stand-up and ground fighting techniques including how to recover your footing without getting injured if you are taken down by an attacker, how to finish a fight very quickly using simple submission techniques, how to stand and throw punches and how to minimise damage taken from those thrown by an opponent.

The day was finished with a Legion takeover of a local pub where we feasted like kings and made hearty toasts!

The second full day was opened with a talk on racial cosmology where our speaker described the complex forces that, compounded with time, created us in our current human form. The talk set us in perspective and laid out a thoroughly inspiring vision of our lives as an opportunity to play ones part in the everlasting upward struggle toward higher forms of life and consciousness.

The event concluded with a hike through spectacular scenery and snowy peaks – trickles of water were blown back uphill by the fierce biting wind. It was at the top where our band of brothers and sisters cracked open a bottle of old Scottish mead and celebrated a fantastic experience, hailed our new comrades and made pledges to live by the code of the Legion between then and the next event.

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